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"the world remains a great enchanted garden" ~ Weber

Moral Science is a love story of rich couture heritage and skilled techniques, crafted and told in vivid colour across the gender spectrum. 

An enquiry, a response, an ode to the magical, absurd and wonderous myths we inhabit.

Come, follow the One-Eyed fish.

Moral Science by Isha Ahluwalia is a slow fashion design label that explores fashion as a medium of storytelling - Functional design that is conceptual, with a hint of irreverence. 


For Isha, a childhood spent growing up in the mid 80’s and 90’s India, on a steady diet of her grandmother’s tales and myths of Himachal (from where her family hails), television, sci-fi stories and moral science classes at school where the ‘moral of the story’ was left to individual interpretation, offers the context to the subversive, quiet theatricality, that seeps into her designs and eventually into the label’s visual language and communication.


Drawing inspiration from work wear silhouettes, the brand creates handcrafted graphic garments that have a stark urbanity while being deeply rooted in the myths of the land. The brand focuses on creating technical and work wear inspired unisex clothing and accessories.

Instead of shying away from heavily gendered design elements, Moral Science, blends these elements to create collections that are playful and subversive.

Experimental proportions and forward-thinking craftsmanship characterise the designs creating looks that are sexy, minimalistic and refreshing. 


Fabric is supplemented with otherwise forgotten textiles such as bed linens, tapestry, tablecloths, blankets, which are then used to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are androgynous, and often flaunt bold silhouettes, an abundant use of colour, dramatic layers & multiple pockets.


Reflecting the ethos of the designer, the brand believes that every piece needs to be special to justify its creation. Strongly against the concept of mass production, the brand releases collections in strictly limited numbers that often comprise of one-of-a-kind pieces.  

Naturally, the collections are moving towards the further use and exploration of sustainable packaging, natural fibres, recycled nylons etc. 

By keeping production limited and ensuring ethical work practices, Moral Science is committed to ensuring a safe, happy and bright environment for all involved.


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